Julie Webb

Julie Webb-12417

Hello there.  My name is Julie and I like to write, walk in the park, sit Zen, and have a good natter!

I decided to make my writing of poetry, micro fiction and musings more public, and so I have created this site in order to share the work.

I have a passion for words and what they sound like, what they feel like on the tongue, how they are heard, and how they are used.

I enjoy poetry from many genre’s but in particular Zen poetry and Haiku.  I enjoy their simplicity and yet also the often, powerful riddle, set within this apparent simplicity.  They speak so much about how life is both simple and complex all at the same time.  Good poetry it seems to me creates a picture all at once visible and ineffable.  Our eyes see, our hearts touch and yet we cannot grasp anything.  Micro-fiction, or flash fiction as it is also known, has great power to concentrate upon significant moments, and I enjoy creating short, robust little stories and snippets, that just like life, may leave us wanting more or else nothing at all.

In all my guises as a woman, what informs me the most about life, is my moment to moment experiencing.  But there is undoubtedly a backdrop that informs my work from a long engagement with philosophy, art, music, literature, Zen Buddhism, and psychotherapy.

Whilst I have published writing about my work as a psychotherapist, in many ways, I feel more exposed and vulnerable with my poetry and stories being out in the world now, than writing about my profession.  There is no club out here, and you will either enjoy the work or not.  In truth, now the work is here, it no longer belongs to me.  What you read, how you read, how you hear and what it all means for you – belongs to you now.

And so, this momentary becoming, is also the site of my constant undoing, as I surrender to a kind of freedom.

Bye for now 🙂