… is a most precious word – a welcome invitation.

Julie Webb-12417Welcome to my inking existence: a collection of my writing, poetry, micro fiction, and musings about what being human can feel like.

Words can hit the body both as friend and weapon. They can wake up the slumber of our complacent living with a short sharp shock, and simultaneously, confirm our lived experience comforting enough to calm us to sleep.

My work here derives from an understanding and unequivocal acceptance about the nature of immanence and becoming not only who or what, we think we are, but what we feel ourselves to be. The collection paints with words notions of identity, self and other, knowing and not knowing, solidarity and separation, life, death, love, loss, faith, God, and nature: the magnificence of life’s melodrama and pantomime.

My offerings are divided into sections that depict significant aspects of human experience: Identity, Love, Loss, and Melodrama.  Four topics described since time immemorial and yet as contemporary as the last sip from my teacup.

As well as offerings from my written word, there are also details of workshops combining the practice of Proprioceptive writing and Zen meditation to make contact with our moment to moment experiencing. Click here for more information…

A little bit about me:  I am a psychotherapist and lecturer as my day job.  Click here for more info…  I have published works for my profession, and scribble a poem or piece of writing most days for my pleasure. I am currently writing my first novel too! I love cats, walking, yoga, the changing seasons, and connecting with other people. Whatever it is that has brought you to my site, I hope you enjoy it and find something illuminating.

Bye for now…

Julie 🙂