Intro II


Descriptions of love have been part of the human landscape since its existence.  We are fascinated by the notion of love, often created by it, driven by it, and sometimes broken by it.  We want to know whether it is a feeling, an offering, a philosophy, a religion, or a language; is it an individual experience, a collective expression, a notion of belonging, or an ethical attitude?  Is it for one, between two or many? And what would it mean to ‘know’ love?  It is a small but powerful word that can be used in terms of endearment, affection, instrumentality and power.  Different cultural contexts have a range of understanding of what love means, how it is used, and how devotion is played out as an act of it.  It seems that whatever the description, whatever the discussion, and whatever the attitude whether individually or collectively, it is a matter for hearts.  What follows are offerings concerning love, from a lover to a lover, from an individual to a collective, from the collective to a singular heart.