Intro III


If we are in a constant state of becoming, then we are also in a constant state of undoing too.  We cannot move forward without leaving something behind.  We are in a constant state of saying hello and goodbye both to ourselves and to others.  This is always both personal and political, whether we hold our personhood too tightly or force others to hold theirs.

Often it is painful to say goodbye or hear it said to us.  We want to hold on, even if when we do, it does not serve us.  Letting go is often a courageous endeavor and usually creates suffering somewhere and for someone.  Loss seems to mean pain, anger, perhaps ailment and illness.  Often it can make us feel that life is more precious than it really is and raise it to high grounds and pedestals.  Equally it can make us fall to the doldrums, lash out and go under.  But loss can be a gift because we cannot move forward, surge into, or rise above without it.  How we hold the necessary tension of our experience in becoming and undoing can be a difficult and challenging task and often leaves a scar of some sort, somewhere.  By and large loss creates a wound, but oh what an honour to have cared so much to be able to be wounded, and how do we constantly bear our continual loss and aid others to bear theirs?

Paradoxically, perhaps within the answer lies something to do with love.