Intro IV


Our existence seems intensely melodramatic in a way that a gentle breeze across the face is not, yet even the breeze can whip itself up to an almighty storm.  This change in form though does not happen by itself.

We can use terms such as interdependent, intersubjective, interrelated; we can say everything has cause and effect.  They are all fitting terms to help describe our seeming yet ineffable interconnectedness.  The writing that follows attempts to describe the experience of our mutual reliance not just upon one another for viable living, but also upon nature, and the wider unknown cosmos.  How do we live peacefully in an existence that is unknown and only reveals itself moment by moment? How do we accommodate a stranger as not the other but as the self and yet also prize a separation?  How do we open ourselves to the unknown possibilities that may cause us harm aswell as happiness?  How do we surrender to the struggle?  The work here then are also questions, and they encompass the melodrama of topics such as politics, God, faith, nature, ecology, and freedom, but the work also reveals the intensity and sensational experiences of even the gentlest breeze.